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Posting Date
December 16, 2020
Expiry date
December 15, 2022

Position: Long Haul Truck Driver

Number of Positions we are hiring - 5

Company: Business Porters Inc.

Address: 149 Sherwood Rd, Unit- 4, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1E 0E4, Canada

Reporting to: Manager

NOC: 7511

Terms of Employment: Full Time, Permanent Position

Location of Work: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Language Preference: English

We will provide:

- Minimum of 40 hrs/ week throughout your employment period

- Pay at $ 0.50 / mile at the beginning of your employment

- Safety bonus of $ 0.01 /mile (assessed every quarter)

- Paid vacation of 10 calendar days each year

- Compensation for additional pickups and drop offs (single/ team), Agricultural shipment clearances, city pick-ups and delivery, waiting (on Dock) charges and layover fees.

- Total annual salary based on the above calculation will be $ 62,000 - $ 70,000 


  • Operate company vehicle with a minimum of three axles to transport goods and materials across Canada and between Canada-US in a safe manner following all company rules and regulations;
  • Use GPS and/or maps to chart out the best route which is time and fuel-efficient;
  • Obey traffic laws and follow established traffic and transportation procedures;
  • Maintain detailed records of both materials picked up and delivered;
  • Inspect the truck at all the times before, after and during the trip, keep regular checks on tire pressure, oil, and fluid levels, as well as minor repairs when required, report any accidents or delays to their supervisors;
  • Communicating with the customers if there are any delays in pick ups or delivering the shipments;
  • Tarping and ensuring proper load securement by following proper safety procedures and dealing with hazardous materials safely, as needed;
  • Maintaining and logging in the freight information manually or electronically like work hours,  distances driven, rest stop durations, proof of delivery as well as all fuel, repair, and toll expenses; 
  • Complete all job specific paper work including route sheets, work orders, scale tickets, mileage reports etc.;
  • Ensure that all documentation pertaining to traveling between states or countries is in order;
  • Receive load information from dispatch and manage routes accordingly;
  • Perform emergency repairs such as changing tires or installing light bulbs, fuses, tire chains and spark plugs etc.; and
  • Driving in a team of two truck drivers or driving individually as per the requirement.



  • A valid AZ License
  • No Experience Required
  • Clean police search
  • Clean drivers and CVOR abstracts
  • Ability to legally work in Canada
  • Adhere to all local state and federal vehicular regulations while driving


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